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AMP Jeffrey A. Kant Leadership Award

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The AMP Jeffrey A. Kant Leadership Award is bestowed each year during the Business and Awards Session of the Annual Meeting to an AMP member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the accomplishment of the mission and vision of AMP. This is one means for all AMP members to publicly honor the exceptional accomplishments and notable contributions of an individual who has demonstrated vision and direction for both AMP and the field of molecular pathology. Nominations are sought from the Regular membership with final recommendation to the Board of Directors by the AMP Awards Committee. Award winners receive an honorarium and a commemorative gift.

AMP Jeffrey A. Kant Leadership Award Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The individual has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership in order to further the mission and goals of the Association.
  2. The individual has been an AMP Regular member for at least five years, with dues current.
  3. The individual has held at least one AMP Leadership position, either as a voting member of the Board and/or as a Chair of a Subdivision.
  4. The individual may not be a current member of the AMP Nominating Committee.